Customize ANY link & color by selecting the color you’d like! (see picture below)
Social media icons & search bar in navigation!
Styled slider
Styled featured posts area under slider
Styled drop down menu (you can have unlimited submenus)
4 built-in widget areas (featured/home, social media menu, sidebar, footer)
Landing page template (full width/no sidebar page) built-in
Ability to upload your logo and favicon OR simply type in your blog title to match the default styling
Sticky navigation bar
Styled share buttons, subscribe widget, contact form, Instagram widget, and comment form subscribe options
Instagram feed in footer widget option
Responsive, mobile-friendly design (seriously, check it out on your phone- it’s hot!)

What can I customize?

You can choose any logo, menu, sub menu, link, visited link, button, border of button color you’d like. This is found under Appearance > Customize > Colors.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.37.31 PM
Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 4.39.31 PM

How does the slider work?

It is completely optional- you can choose to set up your slider or not. The slider pulls the featured image from your posts. Your featured image doesn’t have to appear in your posts- you can set whatever image you’d like to be featured. I recommend setting a horizontal image as your featured image or it will pick the middle area of your vertical image to be shown.

You can set the slider pictures to be whatever dimensions you’d like. Currently, they are set to 450 x 1000 pixels.

You choose to display all categories or only select one category to be shown. You can also choose to show no text, just the title, or a post excerpt. You can also set how many images appear in the slider.

What size of logo can I upload?

You can upload your logo- the logo area is 160 x 40px. Or, if you don’t have a logo, you can simply type in your blog name and it will styled just like the word “Glamour” is on the demo.

How many widget areas are there?

There are 4 widget areas- featured (the slider area), social media menu, sidebar, and the footer.

How can I set up the Instagram footer?

You can edit your footer to have as many rows and columns of images. I walk you through this in my theme documentation.

Is there a landing page?

Yes, there is a full-width, no sidebar page template which is perfect for a landing page. When you are creating a page, you simply select the full-width template option. You can use this template for a regular page or set it to be your home page in Settings > Reading. I have tutorial in my theme documentation showing you how to set this up and also how to add a slider to your landing page.

What widgets can I use in the sidebar?

You can add, delete, and rearrange any widgets of your choice to any of our themes. Even if a theme demo does not show the widget you’d like or the widgets in the order you’d like, you can still add any widget you’d like or drag and drop the widgets into any order you’d like. I have a specific tutorial in my theme documentation showing you how to add the Instagram  and social media icon widgets to your sidebar.

Is the Read More feature optional?

This feature is completely optional to set up, but it is styled in case you choose to use it. You can choose to set it on whatever posts you’d like.

What is the sidebar and image post size?

The sidebar width is 270 pixels. The post area is 670 pixels wide.

Can I change the fonts?


For all other FAQs, please visit our general FAQ page: